About us

Euro Solutions is a dynamic company with a highly experienced organisational structure, and a cohesive team that shares the same objectives: professionalism, competence and strategy.

Having established itself in the Security domain, it then went on to expand by diversifying its ambitions in other areas. Nowadays in fact, we are called on for various assignments in facility management and mobility services.

Over the years, Euro Solutions has consolidated partnerships with major clients, generating a wealth of experience and gaining trust. This experience has allowed us to progress, along with our Team, to become a national point of reference.


“Understanding and sharing is a common objective" 
Understanding together "what can be done, ""what should be done "and how to do it.and how to do it.and how to do it.


With our head offices located in the Milan area, we can provide OUTSOURCING &PORTER services throughout the rest of Italy too, thanks to our broad network of partners.

We consider ourselves flexible because we are used to dealing with emergencies and unplanned situations. We aim to offer the best when dealing with any request, paying particular attention to the concept of Taylor's Way.



Our objectives

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • A relationship of trust.
  • We provide added value by recommending the best solutions.
  • We only promise what we can carry out legally and with transparency.


Our partners

  • Federalpol
  • Background Italia

We are associated with:

Italian association of corporate security professionals
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